You Gave Me The Answer(幸せのアンサー)〜My Love

【2013年11月21日 選曲リスト】

You Gave Me The Answer(幸せのアンサー) / Paul McCartney & Wings

◎M-2(「 Pick Up West」後)
And I Love Her / The Beatles

The Fool on the Hill / The Beatles

C Moon / Paul McCartney & Wings

Silly Love Songs / Wings

◎M-6(「Today’s Smile」後)
I’ve Just Seen a Face / The Beatles

◎M-7(「Today’s Smile」後)
I’ll Follow The Sun / The Beatles

New / Paul McCartney

Got to Get You into My Life / The Beatles

Maybe I’m Amazed / Wings

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer / The Beatles

Lady Madonna / The Beatles

Rocky Raccoon / The Beatles

Live And Let Die / Wings

My Love / Paul McCartney & Wings